Sustainability & Ethics

We believe in quality over quantity, we want our pieces to be worn with love and never discarded. We are by no means perfect, but here's how we are trying.

  • All our pieces are made-to-order, we listen to demand and avoid over production or excess stock
  • Our primary retail platform is online, and on average e-commerce uses about 30% less energy than traditional store retail
  • We believe in season-less style, and our pieces are designed to be worn all year round as opposed to being tied to trends
  • We support South African suppliers and we design and manufacture our pieces locally using local crafts men and women
  • Only our chains are imported from Italy, purely because there is no manufacturing supplier of chains in South Africa, however all gold vermeil plating of chains is done locally
  • We keep ancient trades alive by using the lost wax casting method to produce all of our original design pieces
  • We keep our prices fair, avoiding traditionally high markups, which is why you'll often see pieces available for preorder on our site, and very rarely, if ever, will we offer sales
  • We are conscious of the impact our raw materials have on the earth, our gold and silver is sourced from ethical mines only whose extraction methods and labour practices are regulated
  • A portion of our silver is recycled, meaning it is refined from sweeps including old solids, scrap metals and redundant x-ray films
  • Our packaging is strictly no foam and single-use plastic free
  • Our jewellery boxes are made with FSC™-certified covering material made from 100% recycled content
  • Our thank you cards are completely recyclable and bio-degradable and contain 35% cotton and 65% of ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) wood-free primary pulp from responsible sources.
  • We use locally made Mielie Mailers for our shipping sleeves. They are made from spoiled corn, PLA (a plastic alternative derived from plant fibres) and PBAT. The plant materials used are sourced from sustainable grow areas where no forest or natural habitat was cleared. 

We are always trying to improve so if you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can better our sustainability practices please feel free to email us on